Web Designing Course In Jalandhar

web designing course in jalandhar


SkyTouch Institute Provides Best Web Designing Course in Jalandhar with Advanced Syllabus &20+ Topics to be Covered in Web Designing Training in Jalandhar, Punjab. First of All, we have to Know about what is Web Designing?

Web Designing is the Process to Designing & Presentation of the Content ( Text, Images & Videos ) a Web Page, which any User can access worldwide very easily with the help of a Web Browser Such as Mozilla, Chrome. It is the Sole Responsibility of a Web Designer to Design an Amazing Design of the Website because the design & appearance of the website totally Depends on the Website Designer. The Designing Part of the Website is Considered as the Front End of the Website.

Website Development is Considered with the Back End Technologies of a Website. This relates to the actual working of a Website, it’s Form Fillups, Its Database & a Lot More. In short, a Web Developer Makes a Website To work Properly.

An Advanced Web Designing Course in Jalandhar with Fees mainly Consist of Two Major Elements:-

  • FRONT END:- It Includes the Things & Topics Like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript & JQuery
  • BACK END DEVELOPMENT:- These Uses Server Sided Technologies Like PHP, MySQL, Python, etc.

Web Promotion is also An important & A quite Famous Topic to Learn these days. This Basically Include the Things Like how you can Promote the Website Designed by you to get Leads & Customers out of it.

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As we Know the World is Going Digital & Every Business has Started to Grab the Digital Customers i.e  The People Nowadays are Searching for the Services & products online and the Online Market is Defeating the Traditional Methods of Business. Thus it is Very Important for any Business to Have Online  Presence of their Business or Services. A Website is the First Stair of any kind of Online Presence. As per Some Reports, the Internet Users are Going to Increase By the Year 2020.

With the Increase in the Level of Online Industry, the Requirement of Online Professionals is Growing day by day. Companies are Spending Lakhs & Lakhs on Finding the Best Designers & Professionals which could help them get Good Business as well as Online Presence. This Increase in Demand has Created a Huge Level of Jobs for IT Professionals These Days. There are Lot more hidden benefits which you will grab on Joining the Web Designing Course in Jalandhar


1. Defining HTML5:- In This very first module of web designing course in Jalandhar, you will learn the basics of website designing. ALL THE technical terms related to website designing training will be explained to students. All the basic terms & syntaxes will be explained. Proper training on defining the HTML & Its uses will be mentioned.

  • History and overview
  • New markup and elements (header, footer, nav elements)
  • Form Elements
  • Video and Audio tags
  • Canvas Element
  • Styling with CSS3
  • Web Forms
  • HTML5 Examples
  • HTML 5 Templates

 2. HTML5 Markup:- In this module of web designing diploma in Jalandhar you will learn about the most popular &n useful structured markup language. That is HTML5, This is the most important Programming language which you need to learn if you want to step into the world of website designing. Here are the topics which you will cover in best web designing institute in Jalandhar under this module

  • Using the HTML5 Doctype and character encoding
  • Using the <header> element
  • Using the <nav> element
  • Understanding the <article> element
  • Working with <section> elements
  • Creating HTML5 Forms
  • Working with new input types
  • URL
  • Search Fields

3. Working with the video and audio tags:-

In this you will learn how to use multimedia in your web page, how to use a video background, setting the loop & autoplay elements to your multimedia. This is a step to advanced website designing diploma in Jalandhar

  • Video basics (Codecs and browser support)
  • Working with the video element
  • Video attributes (autoplay, preloading, looping)
  • Using the audio element
  • Improving Accessibility

4. Styling HTML5 elements:-  In this module of web designing training in Jalandhar, Punjab. You will get a chance to get a complete introduction with the styling elements of CSS. You will learn how the CSS Is used in the Website Designing & how it is important in the daily life of any website designers. Join Our 6 Months Industrial Training in Jalandhar Today

  • Working with CSS
  • Styling with CSS 2 versus CSS 3 features
  • Browser support and testing
  • Borders
  • Backgrounds
  • Colors
  • Text Effects
  • Sizing and Positioning
  • Selectors
  • Web fonts

5. CSS Training Course: This is the proper mo0dule containing CSS & CSS3. In this module of Our Summer Short Term Courses in Jalandhar, you will get a complete knowledge over the proper syntaxes used in the website designing. All the rules & selectors will be explained to our students. You will also get the chance to learn how to attach internal as well as external & inline CSS to your HTML Web Page. The topics which are going to be covered in this are as below. All these are covered at affordable web designing course fees in Jalandhar

  • Fundamentals of CSS
  • Advantages of Using CSS
  • How to Write CSS
  • Your First CSS-Enabled Document
  • Understanding CSS Anatomy
  • Rules
  • Selectors
  • Declarations
  • Values
  • Strings
  • Length and Measurement
  • Number
  • Colors
  • Including CSS in a Document
  • Including an Embedded Style Sheet
  • Linking to External Style Sheets

 6. Creating Complete Layouts with CSS and HTML:-

After the completion of this complete HTML CSS Modules. Our Web Designing Institute in Jalandhar also offers you to Create a Complete website using the whole of the training you have got till the date. Our Students also get a chance to work on the live industry projects for website designing. Creating the Page with HTML

  • Styling Text and Custom Fonts
  • Building the Layout
  • Responsive Web Design Overview
  • Foundations of Responsive Design
  • Defining Responsive Web Design
  • The User Experience Challenges of a Responsive Design
  • Creating the Basic Structure of a Responsive Web Design
  • Using HTML5 for Structure
  • Styling with Web Fonts
  • Defining the Basic Text Styles
  • Styling a Single-Column Layout for a Responsive Layout
  • Working with the CSS3 Text-Shadow Property
  • Working with CSS3 Selectors
  • Adding Responsive Images