What are Meta Tags ? Examples Of Meta Tags

What are meta tags? Write some examples of important meta tags?

A meta tag is an element process which is helpful to provide the information about the metadata of any type of HTML document. Meta tags also known as meta description tags. This meta tags play the most important role in the SEO. In search engine history meta tags have the very wide space. In simple terms, we say that meta tags play the very quiet role in your site’s SEO. These tags are always help hidden in your code on the website.
Meta tags Also helpful to easily read search engine in compare to the keywords or description are related with the real content. Join Our Web Designing Training In Jalandhar.
Basically in HTML meta tags are inside your HTML Head area.
<head>Meta tags are located in this area </head> There are three basic parts of meta tags which are you also used in your programme.

  1. Tittle
  2. Description
  3. keywords
  4. Meta robots Attribute
  5. Follow/nofollow


  • Title -: this is the title text which is shown in the search engine listing. This is the basic part of meta tags which is always used by HTML programme. These Tittle tags have a true picture on search This title tags You’ll easily find them at the top of your browser
  • Description:- The meta description tags are used where you would want to put your site’s summary. This meta description tags do not take the many more space because in your website it is only read the few numbers of meta tags. If you have the meta description tags then Google provides the safe SEO ranking.
  • Keywords:- THis keyword process has defined that procedure when you are putting all of the keywords on your site. This is keywords you take for the top of the SERPs page to be. your keywords are also important for the best meta tags programming. And these keywords are the most basic part for the meta tags.
  • Meta Robots Attribute:-
    With the help of meta Roberts Attribute, You are easily FInd out that what you have done in your programme with the help of Pages in your website.
  • Follow/nofollow – This is the also important basic part under Meta tags FOllow and nofollow also tell about engines means what to do with links on your page and also it is trust that “follow” your links to the next page or not.

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